01 October 2017

Full Moon / Sunrise Summit of Lassen Peak

This is a photo blog. Jack and I got up at 4am and drove to Lassen National Park to summit Lassen Peak on September 9th. It was amazing. Cold, beautiful, an amazing play of light and shadow, color and haze, up close and far away. We made it to the 1/2-mile from the top marker before the sun truly came up in all her big, blazing glory. 
After the descent, we went over to Jack's worksite to see the progress he'd made on his rock wall. He took a couple photos of me on top of it - know that the actual wall extends another several feet to the left of the photo, and the rocks were placed, chiseled, cut, on all three tiers. 
Don't forget, if you click on the photos they should show up bigger on your screen. Enjoy!

10 September 2017

Another update is forthcoming...

It's been a month full of adventures and I've barely kept up with the photos, and definitely not with the stories! I'm currently uploading some 300+ photos (& videos) to my computer to sort through and come up with a post - hopefully by next week!

I am currently enjoying the end of a 4-day weekend at home, and away from smoke. No, I'm not in any danger where I'm working (at least not yet), but I've had plenty of smokey, hazy days, and being up in the Westwood area has largely been a good break for the lungs!

Last month saw plenty more hiking, backpacking, and exploring around work and home, as well as an end to the summer semester (I got an A), and the beginning of the fall semester for my masters. I am now over the halfway point in my degree program!! So exciting!!

Alright, more stories will come when I get the photos sorted this week and figure out which ones are best to post, so...

Until next time!

05 August 2017

Top Secret

On Friday the stars aligned just right for my dear friend and fellow Bodieite, Betty, to meet me at the Leavitt Meadows trailhead for a hike out to Secret Lake. Neither of us had ever been, but I have to say that this was probably one of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done. I know I say that about a lot of places, but truly - there were gorgeous vistas every way you looked, the whole trail, and you barely even had to work for them. Well, it was uphill pretty much the whole way there, but nothing crazy. What follows are some photos from along the way.
We went through a section of what we believe was serpentine rock - beautiful greens and blacks

Betty making her way up one of the many hills

View from one of the many hilltops

Vista looking east towards the mountain training center and what I'm guessing is Mud Lake (settled in the upper plains on the center-right of the photo)

Another vista - that largest snow patch on the right of the near mountain had a long narrow waterfall going all the way down it - so pretty!

Do you see the crawdad? They were all over in this lake!!

Secret Lake

B-etty and Jackaldine ;)

You can see the blue-green of Poore Lake through the trees at the base of the mountain

Now you see the lizard...

.. now you don't!

Another beautiful rock - likely so sort of copper in it. There was a pile of this blue-green rock visible in the distance.

Snow-capped mountains in the distance!

Wyoming Paintbrush - it's pink!

The West Walker River - very pretty, still very high